Sunward USA's biggest mid-size excavator has the power and tools you need for any job. With a 1,616 lbs hydraulic breaking hammer, 62 HP, and dozer blade, this machine can move dirt and debris like no other.

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Overview Specifications 

Operating Weight: 20,432 lbs / 9,628 kg

Gross Power: 62 HP / 46.2 kW

Dig Depth: 13' / 3,962 mm

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Main Specifications 


4-Cylinder, 4-Stroke Water-Cooled with 3.32L Displacement

13,488 lb Digging Force

69 Gallon Bucket Capacity

REXROTH Hydraulics

42.3 gal/min Displacement with 4,061 psi Working Pressure

Secondary Specifications

14' 9" Dig Depth

19" Maximum Blade Depth

18 Inch Rubber Track Width

15,017 lbf maximum traction, 12,364 lbf Bucket Digging Force

33 Gal Fuel Tank

21 Gal Hydraulic Oil Tank

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